Metal Roofs: Why they are Preferred by High Point Roofing Contractors

As more and more homeowners look for a roofing material that combines durability and reliability without the hefty price tag, metal roofs have become a staple in many places in the US. A far cry from the old roofs built from tin, today’s metal roofs have revolutionized how people view their roofing system.

Don Vandervort of HomeTips, says that most metal roofs built today are lightweight, fire-resistance, and energy-efficient, things that weren’t deemed important more than 20 years ago.

It shouldn’t be a surprise, then, to know that a large number of roofing contractors from High Point, Kernersville, and other areas in North Carolina, including the folks from ABC Roofing, offer metal roof installation as one of their primary services.

Metal panels and planks are durable enough to withstand the harshest wind, rain, and snow that the Old North State can throw at them, and will last for 50 years or more. Moreover, they enhance a home’s aesthetics and curb appeal.

Thru-fastened panels are the most common and are distinguished by their vertical “ribs” used to facilitate water drainage. Generally, they can be installed using screws, although panels that are more than 20 feet in length require more care since they have clips on their undersides. These clips are used to allow for thermal expansion and contraction.

Without them, the panels may develop tiny cracks in their surfaces. Modular press-formed panels, meanwhile, are installed using fasteners and are pre-painted to mimic other roofing materials such as slate or wood. They can be coated with acrylic paint to gain additional protection against the elements.

Regardless of its type, metal roofs can protect a household from the harsh climate and reduce heating and cooling costs by as much as 20 percent. In addition, metal roofs can also be recycled for other applications, making them environmentally friendly.

The only catch is that it requires greater knowledge and skill to install or work on metal roofs. Skills that ordinary homeowners probably don’t have. That’s where licensed and certified High Point roofing companies like ABC Roofing come in.

All in all, it’s not that difficult to understand why many roofers today are “going metal.” Metal roofing simply brings a lot of things to the table beyond durability and affordability.

(Article Information and Image from Metal Roofing Buying Guide, HomeTips, December 18, 2013)