Severe weather can cause all kinds of damage – call repairmen you can trust

The urban jungle isn’t just made up of towering high-rise offices and condominiums. A city wouldn’t be the same without trees. They are a welcome sight in any cityscape; they keep the city cool and the air fresh. You’ll find that neighborhoods with lots of trees will always be more comfortable, especially during the summer.

However, when the weather gets rough, all types of objects and debris from trees can be hurled on your property by strong winds and they can be very dangerous. Thus, if you have trees on your property, you should be aware of the following:

Some trees are more prone to storm damage than others. A shallow-rooted tree growing in soft soil can easily topple onto a house in strong winds. A tree’s roots also can become weakened after heavy rains, elevating the risk. Check the roots of trees to ensure that they are firmly rooted in the ground.

These potential problems are easy to spot:

• Cracks in the trunk or major limbs

• Hollow and decayed trees

• Trees that look one-sided or lean significantly

• Branches hanging over the house near the roof

• Limbs in contact with power lines

• Mushrooms growing from the bark, indicating a decayed or weakened stem

• V-shaped forks rather than U-shaped ones. V-shaped are more likely to split

• Crossing branches that rub or interfere with one other

To be sure that trees don’t cause damage to your home, you should trim branches and watch out for those aforementioned signs. But when damage does come about, it’s imperative that you get the right people for the job. Most Greensboro roofing companies are unaware of how to deal with fallen trees and holes made by branches on your roof, but we at ABC Roofing are fully aware of the hazards and are completely capable of assessing and repairing them.

Don’t trust your repair job to just anyone because not every so-called roofer out there has the necessary knowledge on how to deal with incidents beyond normal wear and tear. Investing in your home’s protection is money well spent and with our expertise in roofing in Greensboro NC, your home will feel like new every time, no matter what kind of dangers come your way.

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