Top 3 Advantages of Installing a Gutter Protection System

It is that time of the year when we see the most fallen leaves. They might not affect you directly, but they can be bad for your home, particularly your gutters.

In a place like North Carolina, where thunderstorms are common, a faulty gutter can result in expensive damage. It can also affect your roofing in Greensboro NC since it is part of the whole roofing system. Having a gutter protection system is one way of making sure that this doesn’t happen. If you have this protection system installed, you can make use of the following advantages:

  1. Help in avoiding clogged gutters. A gutter without protection can easily be clogged by debris like fallen leaves. These can disrupt the flow of rainwater, making the gutter useless. It can also lead to other complicated circumstances like water backflow, nesting for critters, and landscape erosion.
  1. Protection of your structural integrity. There are instances when backflow in the gutters causes flooding in the basement. It can also cause water stains as well as the cracking, rotting, and peeling of wall paint. Furthermore, rainwater buildup in the gutters may lead to water-related damage in the roofing system.
  1. Prevention of mold and mildew growth. These come from moisture buildup, which is caused by water buildup. They can manifest in the roof, attic, ceilings, and even walls. They feed on organic material and cause rotting, which is dangerous in the long run.

The experts in Greensboro roofing and gutter protection can help you before or after the leaves fall. We at ABC Roofing & Exteriors choose only the highest-quality materials for every job. We are trained and accredited with top manufacturers in the proper installation of the best gutter protection system. We offer quality gutter guards from Rhino and Leaf Solution for worry-free coverage of your open gutters.

Give us a call at ABC Roofing & Exteriors, and we’ll be happy to tell you more about how our gutter protection system works.