The Luxury Roof: Benefits and Features of Slate

Your roof is an important element of your home’s overall image, so your choice in material is important. Many homeowners prefer slate, a luxurious and premium material that adds class and elegance to any home.

ABC Roofing & Exteriors explains its benefits.

Slate is uniquely beautiful

The most distinctive quality of slate is its beauty. Having been in use for hundreds of years, it’s a great choice to add traditional beauty to your home. Another great feature of slate is how it gets more beautiful over time. Each slate fades or weathers slightly differently creating a natural mix of colors that’s unique to your roofing in Greensboro, NC.

Slate is durable and long-lived

A slate roof can be a once in a lifetime investment if taken care of properly. It easily lasts for over a century, and there are still some hundred-year-old slate roofs in use today. Slate is also tough; as a natural stone product, it resists degradation no matter the season or weather condition. Slate is also an impact resistant and Class A fire resistant roofing material.

Slate is environmentally friendly

Since slate will last the lifetime of a building, it helps keep other roofing materials out of landfills. Instead of asking roofing companies in Greensboro, NC, to replace your roof every few decades, just ask us to install a slate roof once.

As slate is a natural material, it doesn’t undergo a manufacturing process that releases harmful substances to the environment. Finally, slate can be recycled once it outlasts the building it is installed in.

We have years of experience and specialized knowledge in the installation, maintenance, and repair of slate roofs. ABC Roofing & Exteriors is dedicated to ensuring first-class customer service. We make it our mission to earn our customer’s loyalty. That’s why over the course of your many years of owning a slate roof, we will be glad to help you with its maintenance and upkeep. Your new slate roof will protect and enhance your home for years to come.

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