Tips on Choosing a Color that Matches Your Home’s Exterior

Color gives life to any home. It is vital that you pick the right colors that will complement your home’s exterior. ABC Roofing & Exteriors offers tips on choosing the best colors that will match your home’s exterior components:

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Think of Your Home’s Style

Walking around your neighborhood can help you get ideas on what colors will suit your home. Pay attention to homes that look like your home and the colors that they come with. We offer High Point roofing shingles that come in an array of colors and shades that will fit any home style. We offer dark color shingles for Colonial style homes while we have bright colors like red and orange that suit Victorian style homes.

Consider the Local Climate

Keep in mind that colors will look differently during the day as compared with color cards in stores. We take pride in our partnership with James Hardie®, which allows us to provide siding products designed to withstand different conditions. These come with a special finish that can resist fading and moisture, ensuring that your home’s beauty will remain for a long time. You can use our color palette tool online to help you find the best color for your home.

Factor in Your Surroundings

You want your home to stand out in a good way. Look around you — observe the themes of the homes surrounding you. Choose a color that will blend well with these homes. Apart from roofing in Winston Salem, NC, we also offer windows that come in an array of colors like pebble gray, ebony, and stone white. We can help you decide on a color that will suit your home and the surrounding landscape.

Choosing a color that will add character to your home does not have to be hard. You can rely on ABC Roofing & Exteriors to help you find the best combination for your home. For more information, contact us.