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Driveway Coating Greensboro NCABC Roofing & Exteriors—a trusted home improvement contractor—is pleased to make GAF StreetBond® DuraShield Pavement Coating available to homeowners and business owners throughout the Piedmont Triad. DuraShield pavement coating is ideal for residential and commercial property owners who are looking to:

  • Extend the life of a driveway, parking lot, or other asphalt pavement surface
  • Reduce the surface friction caused by leaving exposed aggregates in asphalt
  • Increase traction for drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists
  • Create a clean, finished look that’s attractive to passersby

How Does DuraShield Compare to Other Asphalt Pavement Coatings?

Unlike typical asphalt pavement coatings, which feature either coal-tar or asphalt emulsion-based formulas, DuraShield is made from a 100% acrylic polymer formula. When compared to other pavement coatings, DuraShield is:

  • More durable – It’s specially designed to last longer than standard coatings, even resisting damage from oil and brake fluid, and it won’t take on footprints or tire tread imprints.
  • Better at protecting against the elements – It offers superior protection against UV rays, water infiltration, chemical damage, and other environmental factors.
  • More flexible – It conforms to the asphalt as it expands and contracts, thereby preventing cracking.
  • Easier and faster to install – DuraShield can be sprayed, brushed, rolled, or squeegeed onto the asphalt surface (even if the pavement is wet), and its quick dry time means you can start using the space again sooner.
  • More environmentally friendly – It won’t track onto adjacent surfaces, and its water-based formula produces minimal odor. It’s even pet friendly.
  • Able to be customized – DuraShield can be stenciled to imitate the look of stone or brick pavers.

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If you’re interested in having our DuraShield pavement coating installed at your home or business in the Piedmont Triad, contact ABC Roofing & Exteriors today. We’ll be glad to answer your questions and tell you more about this revolutionary product and its impressive warranty protection.

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