Keeping Roofing in Winston-Salem, NC Free From Destructive Ice Dams

Ice dams are a sign of poor roof insulation, as water from melted snow will refreeze wherever the roof is not warm enough. These dams are detrimental to roofs because the build-up will encourage water to flow right inside, which will eventually cause further damage.

Ice dams are a reality in every city that experiences winter, even in Winston-Salem where the season is much milder in comparison to cities upstate. It is important for households there to make sure that their Winston-Salem, NC roofing is well insulated and ready to handle the snow and possible ice dams every winter. suggests two schools of thought when it comes to ice dams:


It is important for a roof to be clear of snow. If the house is sloped, utilize the slopes and guide the snow towards it; homes with flat roofs, on the other hand, are relatively easier to clear of snow. Safety is a must when dealing with either type of roof.

If you cannot reach the roof, many homebuilders, landscaping and roofing contractors, and property maintenance companies will remove snow and ice from roofs. Always be sure your contractor is insured and bonded.

If the gutters are also clogged by the ice, it is mandatory to chip away some of the ice to allow water to pass through. It is also advisable to try and remove as much ice from the gutters as possible.


The adage, “prevention is better than cure,” has never been more appropriate for roofing. In order to prevent ice dams from forming, the entire roofing system must be checked. The attic must be checked for ventilation and any gaps that heat might escape through.

Heat tapes and eaves shields are also perfect items to install to battle the ice.

Clear downspouts. An easy way to help snow and ice drain off your roof is to make sure the area around your downspouts is clear. This will make it possible for your gutters to drain when snow does melt. It will also help prevent flooding when the snow and ice melts.

Doing these things can help homeowners keep their roofing in Winston Salem, NC functional. There are heavy ice dam problems, however, that can only be handled by professional roofing companies like ABC Roofing, as they have the necessary equipment and knowledge to battle the ice.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Ice dams and snow roof removal,, May 12, 2013)