Roofing Contractors in High Point, NC Can Help With Winter Roof Woes

Winter in High Point, NC is a much more pleasant experience than in other cities that are located further north the country. The cool temperature and minimal snow precipitation levels do not allow us to escape roofing issues, however.

The snow and cold temperatures of winter, no matter how mild the climate is, will still have a negative effect on poorly maintained roofs. Here are some of the things that, if left unchecked, will necessitate a call to your trusted roofing contractors in High Point to handle the damage.

Ice damage

Ice dams are caused by inefficient attic ventilation. It is important to deal with this problem immediately in order to hinder the formation of ice dams.

If you happen to have a tile, slate or shingle roof, it’s important that you have a roof ventilation system installed. That will keep your roof from being severely affected by extreme temperatures and winter storms. It can also help to lower your energy costs.

It is also advisable to check the drainage system and ensure that there are no problems. Any damage caused by the ice should be reported to a reliable roofing company so they can help you make the appropriate solutions.

There is no way to actually prevent ice dams from happening, so make sure to inspect your gutters regularly in order to clear them out if/when you see them.

External factors

In every snowstorm, it will always be possible for shingles to get blown off by strong winds or to get struck by falling branches. Preparations can be made beforehand in order to avoid such things from happening; for one, having reliable contractors inspect roofing in High Point, NC would ensure that the shingles will not be blown off. Certain shingle types, such as metal, can also handle falling branches better; the article states, “So, in the fall, make sure to trim the branches that are close to your roof. It’s an easy way to prepare your home for the winter weather that is to come.”

It is important for your roof to be prepared for the winter, and you should not wait for a leaking ceiling to begin taking precautionary steps. Families uncertain of their roof’s condition can call reliable services like ABC Roofing to ensure that their roof is in top shape and is ready to take on the challenges presented by High Point’s weather.

(Article Excerpt and Image from The Most Common Winter Roofing Issues, Be Royal Extreme, September 12, 2013)