Winter is Coming: Find the Best Pros for Roofing in Winston-Salem, NC

The 2013-2014 winter season in North Carolina is most likely to have sub-freezing temperatures as is typical in the state, although Fayetteville and the surrounding region is expected to receive the bouts of wind and snow first. According to the local news publication The Fayetteville Observer, this hasn’t happened in over 20 years:

Traditionally, the first freeze locally comes right about Halloween. Over the past decade, timing of the first freeze has nudged back into early November. Only once in the last 10 years has the first reading of 32 degrees come in October (2008), and the region hasn’t seen freezing temperatures this early in October since 1992.

Regardless of this historical footnote, people are still advised to stay on their toes since winter brings all sorts of nastiness for almost every neighborhood in the state. Snow is particularly dangerous not only because it makes roads and sidewalks slippery, but also because it tends to leave miniscule, yet permanent, damage on roofing systems. Once the snow has thawed out, it’s not a surprise to find homeowners calling on roofing companies like ABC Roofing, which provides roofing in Winston-Salem, NC as well as in the Kernersville, High Point, and Greensboro areas.

Ice buildup is the most common problem encountered by these experts every winter, mainly because not every household can do anything about it. Ice naturally accumulates on rooftops, although it tends to linger for a long time depending on the roof’s configurations (shape, pitch, size, etc.). Five feet of snow is already enough to cause many roofing systems to heave under the weight and develop cracks. There is also the risk of having melted snow permeate through these small openings.

However, many experts would say that the best way to prevent winter damage is to do the repairs before the season comes, typically with the help of a company for roofing in Winston Salem, NC. Not only is it more practical to fix small problems before they worsen, it’s also generally less safe for people to perform roof maintenance or repairs in winter due to the cold and the slipperiness of roofs. This is especially the case for asphalt shingles, as they can become brittle thanks to the snow and ice.

(Excerpt from Fayetteville and region may see first freeze of winter this weekend, The Fayetteville Observer, October 23, 2013)