Choice Features of Materials for Residential Roofing in Greensboro, NC

People who are having a new home built or having their old roof replaced will need to look at different factors first before settling on a Greensboro roofing material. This is mostly because of the installation cost, and choosing the wrong one may only lead to more expenses. There are different materials appropriate depending on the homeowner’s priority, home style, and location. published an article regarding the different roofing materials and among those mentioned are asphalt shingles, which has “good fire resistance”, but “[t]ypically last only 20 years and need periodic cleaning to remove moss and debris.” Homeowners looking to save on initial costs can choose this versatile material, which is available in many types and colors. However, depending on maintenance and weather conditions, homeowners may need to install new roofing in Greensboro, NC or other areas more often than when another material.

Metal panels on the other hand, are more durable with “[g]ood fire resistance, and some styles are strong enough to resist wind and heavy hail.” Rust is no longer a major concern because manufacturers coat them with steel substrate to prevent any corrosion and other damage caused by exposure to elements and weathering through time.

To ensure an efficient service life, these materials need to be installed by licensed companies like ABC Roofing, which have highly skilled contractors capable of installing different kinds of materials. The house is among the biggest investments people can make. The roof not only adds value to a home, but also protects the valuables inside from the outside elements.

(Info from Roofing: A Guide to the Options, HouseLogic, Published September 21, 2009)