Homeowners Should Be Wary When Looking for Roofers in Greensboro, NC

When doing a home improvement project, or even simple repairs the first thing most homeowners do is to find companies that offer the service they need at best prices. Some homeowners will also make sure they get the most out of the contractor’s service. For roof repairs, for example, homeowners will look for highly-skilled roofers in Greensboro, NC who will not cut corners and give them the service that they deserve.

The best way to make sure that they are getting high quality services is to hire licensed, bonded, and insured contractors because this assures the client that the workmanship has to meet a specific set of standards. Despite knowing there are a lot of qualified contractors, there are still homeowners complaining of a substandard work. Better Business Bureau explains:

When selecting a business to work around your home you are always told to make sure the business is licensed, bonded and insured. “Sounds easy enough” said David Dalrymple, President of the BBB serving Northwest North Carolina, “yet I wonder why more people don’t do it? It is unfortunate, but we often hear from consumers that have discovered the hard way that while the business said they were licensed, bonded and/or insured, when problems arose, they found it was not true.”

It is, indeed, easy to claim that one has credentials so proper verification is needed to assure the homeowners that the contractors are really accredited by the right agencies. When customers read “licensed, bonded, and insured” in the advertisements and they want to hire the company for their services, they should also take the time to confirm these claims.

BBB suggests, “homeowners should confirm with the licensing agency that supposedly gave the company its license to operate and ask the company to have their agent send, directly… a Certificate of Insurance.” The same is true for confirming if the company is bonded. Taking these extra steps are necessary for homeowners to save on possible additional costs due to accidents, or poor workmanship that needs to be repaired.

When looking for a window, siding, or roofing contractors in Greensboro, homeowners will be more at ease knowing that these are trained professionals who will not settle for anything less than the standards that was set. Licensed, bonded, and insured companies like ABC Roofing can be trusted to fulfill such requirements.

(Info from Licensed, Bonded and Insured. Oh Really?, Better Business Bureau, April 19, 2011)