Hire Experienced and Certified Winston-Salem, NC Roofing Contractors

When investing in home improvement solutions, repairs, and upgrades, key factors and considerations are involved and taking time to analyze these things will lead to the right decisions. In the field of roofing, homeowners in North Carolina and other states often look for contractors who offer warranties in their installations and services. Although warranties provide a level of security, it should not be the end-all and be-all when choosing the right contractors. An article posted on shares an important insight from the National Roofing Contractors Association:

“A roofing warranty’s length should not be the primary criterion in the selection of a roofing product or roof system because the warranty does not necessarily provide assurance of satisfactory roof system performance. The selection of a roof system application should be based on the product’s qualities and suitability for the prospective project. A long-term warranty may be of little value to a consumer if the roof system does not perform satisfactorily and leaks. Conversely, if a roof system is designed, constructed and manufactured well, the expense of purchasing a warranty may not be necessary.”

Homeowners should aim to go beyond Winston-Salem, NC roofing warranties. The NRCA stresses that before hiring a contractor for a roofing project, clients should consider the type of products available along with the coverage of the warranties.

Experience counts

Like fine wine that has aged over the decades, contractors who have established a solid track record can be expected to deliver exceptional services. This does not necessarily mean hiring the oldest contractor in the area, as there are companies whose staff has a combined experience that spans decades. Typically, these people know the ins and outs of the roofing industry within their respective service areas and can provide fast and efficient inspections and estimates.

Certified to deliver

Furthermore, another aspect homeowners should consider is the certifications their prospective contractors own. Go for a company certified by some of the top manufactures like GAF, CertainTeed, Tamko, and Owens Corning, among others. These companies will be able to provide reliable services since they must first meet the manufacturer’s strict qualifications and standards to receive their certification and offer their products.

Licensed, bonded, and certified Winston Salem roofers like ABC Roofing provide professional services that meet the customers’ needs and requirements on schedule. Because roof replacement and repair entails a major investment, choosing contractors should also be a serious matter.

(Info from Do you need a roofing warranty?, WXII-TV, Published February 23, 2012)