Investing Money on Reliable High Point Roofing Contractors is a Must

Renovations and improvements of private or public properties, especially homes and buildings, would usually cost a lot of money. Take for example the fund allotted by North Carolina’s Office of State Budget and Management for some state repair work, as reported on the North Carolina Construction News last October.

Big ticket repairs on the list include $2.6 million for lighting repairs throughout the state government complex in Raleigh, $1.8 million for roof replacement of the Administration Building, $1.4 million for bath house renovation at Fort Macon State Park in Atlantic Beach, $4.7 million for a new heating plant at O’Berry Center in Goldsboro, $2.3 million for a new steam plant at Umstead Hospital in Butner, $2.9 million for gymnasium renovations at the Western School of the Deaf in Morganton, $1.8 million for HVAC repair at the SBI crime lab.

Seeing that the local government is up for a huge spending, it is important that they pick roofing contractors in High Point and in other areas who can get the job done exceptionally. There are a number of key aspects that residential, commercial, and other types of customers should consider when choosing roofers.

Materials matter

A dependable contractor carries a wide range of roofing options that will cater to clients’ varying needs and specifications. Generally, good contractors offer quality asphalt shingles, slates, tiles, metals, and wood, among others, and each material has their own unique features and advantages. To meet the demands of commercial clients, they offer options like modified bitumen, which is a combination of asphalt and plastic polymeric binders, thermoplastics that are known for their durability, and single- ply EPDMs for remarkable resistance to extreme temperatures.


Though the roofing systems are essentially what customers pay for, it is only half of the entire value they are supposed to get. The reputation of the roofers is another key aspect as it involves the quality of their work, their ability to deliver on the target dates, as well as their professionalism. High Point roofing contractors like ABC Roofing & Exteriors carry a complete line of roofing solutions and are accredited by various groups and manufacturers for their service and quality output.

Money invested in fine materials and quality work is money well-spent.

(Info from “$90 Million in State Repair Work Planned,” North Carolina Construction News, October 14, 2013)