Winter Roofing in Greensboro, NC: Necessary To Be Done Immediately?

The snow is slowly trickling in, and with it, colder temperatures. The fun that we often have on those occasional snow days, can immediately be ruined by a faulty roof. Flawed roofing in Greensboro, NC during the winter is detrimental to entire households, as the weight of snow can speed up the destruction of the roof.

It is important, then, that roofs are immediately fixed in the winter. Mike Holmes of the National Post, however, reminds people about the particulars of roofing in the cold.
Roofing materials should be applied in optimum conditions, so roofers pay attention to temperature and amount of moisture in the air. If you look at an asphalt shingle, there is an adhesion strip along the nailing edge. The lion’s share of the work is done by the nails that hold the shingle to the roof, but that adhesion strip helps.

The best course of action — if you aren’t 100% sure where the leak is — is to shovel off the snow, tarp your roof, and wait for better weather.

If you have a problem, like a massive ice dam, but there’s no leak yet, there will be eventually. Get ahead of the problem. Contact the roofer and make an appointment for them to come out and do the repair when the weather improves.

One of the most important factors to consider when thinking of winter re-roofing is the degree of necessity. If the roof is starting to leak, it is imperative to start repairs immediately. Waiting for spring to have the roof fixed is a bad idea, as leaving the leak vulnerable to the unfavorable conditions of winter is detrimental to the lifespan of the entire roof.

When one has decided to re-roof his home, it is important to handle the roofing materials and proceed with extra care. Even if Greensboro experiences a milder winter than other upstate cities, the snow will pose enough dangers for any untrained individual. Shingles might also become brittle due to low temperatures, so handling them with care is necessary.

If a winter re-roofing job is unavoidable, it is better to contact professional roofing companies in Greensboro, NC, like ABC Roofing, to do the job when the weather clears up. Professional roofers are trained to handle hostile roof environments, and have the necessary knowledge and equipment to do a winter roofing job with speed and knife-sharp precision.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Mike Holmes: To re-roof in winter?, National Post, March 4, 2011)