Homeowners Advised to Find Credible Roofing Contractors in High Point

Keeping your roof in tip-top shape is not any easy task, or even one that many homeowners remember to do. Since the roof is not a part of the house you would normally look at, it is easy to forget checking up on it—“out of sight, out of mind,” as they say. The real problem comes when a storm hits and you suddenly find your roof heavily damaged.

Your normal reaction would be to just find anybody to fix it before another storm occurs. However, this can put you into a worse situation where you find yourself wasting money, paying fees to unscrupulous roofers for doing repairs that never were. On this matter, Angie Hicks of Angie’s List provides some advice:

When powerful storms hit, it’s almost a given that storm chasers aren’t far behind. Though many companies that do storm-repair work – water remediation, tree removal and roofing – are reputable, there’s a segment that tries to prey on unsuspecting homeowners. The companies often are out-of-state and go door-to-door looking for work. They typically ask for money up front and disappear after doing little, no or poor-quality work.

For residents of areas like High Point, a medium-sized city in North Carolina (NC) that has experienced a tornado outbreak in March 2010 and Hurricane Hugo in 1989, this can be a valuable warning. Fortunately, there are many reliable roofing contractors in High Point like ABC Roofing, which property owners can rely on during emergencies. Hicks’s article quotes a resident:

“I’d look for a local company, rather than a storm chaser,” said Art Hudgins, owner of Hearthside Home Exteriors in High Point. “If (homeowners) have damage repaired and have a problem later on, (that out-of-state company) is not going to come back and take care of their problem.”

Indeed, roofing companies that have long served their communities can be trusted for serious repair jobs, as they have built their reputation through years of hard work, unlike storm chasers who only look for instant profits. These professional roofers are licensed and insured to provide protection for their clients, whether they are based in High Point or nearby places like Greensboro, Kernersville, and Winston-Salem.

Property owners should be careful about their choice of roofers. After a storm or even during normal conditions, hire only reputable contractors for roofing in High Point, NC. In this manner, you can be sure that you will not be ripped off.

(Excerpts from Angie’s List: After storm, watch out for rip-off artists,, September 26, 2013)