How Licensing the Providers of Roofing in Greensboro, NC Can Be Beneficial to Both Roofers and Their Clients

The need to regulate the roofing industry has hardly been a topic of immense discussion among lawmakers, but there are indicators that show a renewed interest in the idea in certain regions of the country. This is also reflected in recent surveys that have been conducted:

When asked in the survey if roofing contractors should be licensed in order to repair or replace a roof, 83 percent of those surveyed said yes, while 14 percent said no. Baselice and Associates surveyed 802 registered Texas voters for the Insurance Council of Texas public opinion poll that took place between Nov. 24 -28, 2012.

Voters in Texas are hardly alone in their desire to enforce stricter regulations on roofers, and it may indeed be time to discuss the idea of widespread licensing requirements for the entire industry. This perspective stems mainly from the fact that there are a few less than reputable providers of the service who claim to do the work properly when, in fact, the word substandard more accurately describes their work. Roofing companies don’t need to be concerned, though, since the move is more likely to work in their favor than against them.

The companies that provide roofing in Greensboro, NC are mostly well-regarded within the community. Companies such as ABC Roofing have been plying their trade in the region for a long time and their customers have little to nothing to complain about. That is precisely why licensing is more likely to help than hinder these companies. If a company operates legitimately and the work they provide is of good quality, then licensing should be no problem. It could even boost their business.

The only companies that are going to become greatly affected by the requirements are the ones that are already working some sort of con on their customers. Weeding out these pesky companies has been a bit of a challenge with the lack of formal licenses, and the move to regulate them is going to clean up the industry. Roofing companies in Greensboro, NC and elsewhere in the country are going to be thankful for the licensing requirements and so will their customers.

(Excerpt from Roofing group supports licensing,, February 21, 2013)