3 Major Issues That a Leaking Roof Can Pose to Your Home

A leaking roof is a common problem that requires immediate action. Apart from compromising the structural integrity of your roof, it can cause a number of hazards in your home.

ABC Roofing, a licensed Greensboro roofing company, explains three common issues that you may have to deal with when you don’t fix a leaking roof immediately.

1. Mold Growth and Damaged Insulation

Water dripping into the attic can compromise the effectiveness of your insulation. This can increase your energy consumption. Air may escape through your attic, which may significantly turn up your home’s heating and cooling requirements.

Apart from being ineffective, clumped and damp insulation is prone to mold growth. This is harmful to your health as exposure to mold spores may cause skin irritation and respiratory issues.

2. Weakened Roofing

Water seeping through your roof can leak straight into your attic floor or run through your roof deck’s underside and then down to the interior walls and framing. When not fixed, your roof may rot, causing the roof to sag.

3. Fire Hazard and Injury

Leaks may reach the metal junction, exposing uncovered wires to water, which may become electrically charged. Furthermore, when water seeps through your insulation, it can cause an open circuit, putting your home at risk of fires. To avoid this problem, cut off power to the affected wiring and ask a professional electrician to inspect your home.

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