How to Prepare Your Shingle Roof for Winter

With a colder- and drier-than-normal winter and near- to above-normal snowfall, North Carolina is going through a challenging season. Residents are advised to take the necessary precautions to keep their properties safe. Make sure your home, particularly your roof, can withstand the elements.

Here are some things you can do to help your shingles bear the cold temperatures of the coming months:

Schedule a roofing inspection.
During winter, it’s advisable to call a professional to inspect your roofing in Greensboro NC than to attempt a DIY inspection and maintenance on your roof. The season can be particularly hazardous for climbing the roof, which can be slippery because of rainfall and snow. You need an experienced roofer with the right tools to do the job.

When assessing your roof, make sure to look for torn, chipped, curled, dented, and punctured shingles. These issues may cause water to seep through the underlying layers and lead to leaks in your home. You should also check your gutters for granules. Granule loss on shingles is normal. However, excessive loss is a cause for concern, especially if your shingles are still within their service life.

Replace damaged shingles.

Replacing broken shingles before winter may also be a good time to upgrade the overall look of your roof by choosing a new design and color for the replacement.

Apart from three-tab shingles that provide basic protection, architectural or laminated shingles offer better quality and style. This type is thicker, has a longer life span, and comes in a range of colors. You may find a shade and pattern that complements your exterior design to better define the look of your home.

Make sure your roof can withstand the cold months. Let professional roofing companies in Greensboro NC like ABC Roofing help you. Call us at (336) 360-3115  to learn more about our roof maintenance and replacement services. We offer thorough inspection and provide expert recommendations to solve roofing issues.

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