Snow and Ice Dam: Winter Care and Cure for Your Roof

The cold winds of winter and the wet precipitation that falls may be joyful to some, and the icicles hanging on roofs may be an attractive sight for kids. But these things can pose threats to your roofing and home. With this year’s winter forecast, which says that it will be colder than normal, it is best to prepare your roof against extreme weather conditions. You may schedule a roofing inspection and ask help from a professional High Point roofing contractor.

When you’re bothered by the weight of snow on your roof, you may use a snow or roof rake to remove ice and snow. Think about clearing the section that is two to three feet near the edge of the roof to prevent ice dams from forming.

A roof rake is similar to a shovel that you can use to pull snow off your roof. With a long handle that is between 16 and 21 feet long, a rook rake is a safe tool you can use to remove snow on your roof from the ground.

When ice dams have formed on your roof, it’s advisable to ask the help of a professional. You know they have formed on your roof when there are many icicles hanging on the edge of your roof. If you leave ice dams on the roof for a long time, they may affect its structural integrity. One of the ways to prevent ice dam formation is to maintain a constant temperature throughout the entire roof. The temperature should be the same as that in the eaves. You can do this by sealing off air leaks that might warm the underside of your roof. You should also consider improving your attic’s insulation and ventilation.

Roofing contractors in High Point, such as ABC Roofing, can help you with your ice dam problems in Kernersville and Greensboro, North Carolina. Our staff is trained to provide a range of roofing maintenance services. We can help you protect your roofing so you can reduce the risk of problems and damage this season.

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