How Have You Prepared for the Hurricane Season?

Weather reports are already ushering in the 2014 hurricane season and the forecasters are reminding North Carolinians on what to expect. The state, after all has been in the path of a number of devastating storms, notably Bertha and Fran which paid visits in 1996. Residents who remember Fran recall rough times of high wind and high water not to mention the loss of billions in property damages and harrowing deaths.

It should be noted however that hurricanes don’t happen in a moment’s notice and by being vigilant about weather forecasts it should not be difficult to get ready. That is why news like this should not be taken for granted:

We’ve entered hurricane season (June 1 through November 30), and it’s time for a refresher on hurricane preparedness.

In North Carolina, that’s a warning for everyone from Murphy to Manteo. Coastal areas are most vulnerable to hurricanes, but the vicious whirlies can wreak tremendous havoc on areas far inland.

Think now about trees and limbs near your home or power lines. Do they need pruning or removing?

As (N.C. Agriculture) Commissioner Steve Troxler said: “No county in this state is immune to possible damage from a hurricane. Preparing for a hurricane is smart, and thinking through your emergency plan can help no matter what type of emergency strikes.”

We need not be reminded that a big and powerful storm can pack quite a wallop in North Carolina and the recall of Bertha and Fran can strike a raw nerve, so it should prompt us to prepare. Getting a proper assessment from professional roofers in Greensboro NC can help ease your worries.

For example, you house is quite susceptible to damage related to falling trees, especially to your roofing. Moreover, roofing contractors in Greensboro NC say that damage to shingles is common when winds gust to hurricane force at 75mph while winds gust to 87mph-plus can cause more serious damage such as loss of roof, blown-down chimneys and blown-out windows.

It is best to come up with a plan just in case. Reinforce your roofs now and trust the experts at ABC Roofing for a thorough inspection and proper assessment. Our goal is to help minimize storm damage and prevent a minor problem from becoming a major expense in your part.

(Article Excerpt from Get ready statewide – hurricane season is here, Greensboro Legal Examiner, June 6, 2014)