Threats of Thunderstorm: Are You Paying Attention?

News of severe weather can be pretty alarming because thunderstorms can be unexpected. Sudden overnight changes in weather can topple trees and damage residential and commercial properties. Compared to tropical cyclones and floods, thunderstorms affect smaller, local areas and therefore, we tend to underestimate them.

In you have been reading the news recently, the weather forecast for Greensboro was not favorable:

Keep an eye to the sky throughout the afternoon and evening; strong to severe storms are already popping out there and could turn severe just like Tuesday night.

The best chance for severe storms will be from late afternoon through the evening hours. Main threats will be damaging winds, which could exceed 60 mph, and hail stones that could be larger than quarter sized.

Until a front clears the area, we won’t be able to rid ourselves of the daily thunderstorm threat. An even better chance for storms will be with us Thursday. Yet again, these will bear close watching to see if they can reach severe limits.

With slightly drier air entering the Carolinas, our chance for storms will go down a bit for this weekend. Still though, a stray storm can’t be ruled out for Saturday and Sunday afternoon.

It is important to know when a thunderstorm is approaching and once you’ve heard about such thunderstorms in Greensboro, it will make sense to be always prepared. Lightning is not the only incident that can possibly harm you or your home during a thunderstorm. There is the possibility of a tornado before or after a thunderstorm, which can be even more dangerous. Hail is another possibility and the big kind can wreak considerable damage to your property. While no roof can possibly withstand the biggest of hails or the strongest of winds, your contractor for roofing Greensboro NC should have installed durable shingles. You see, maximum tolerance is critical for a good roofing system.

More importantly, check if your roofing has incurred damage from previous storms. ABC Roofing & Exteriors reminds you to don’t delay repairs. A damaged roof is a hazard that can compromise the safety of your family and endangers the important investment you have made in your home. Learn why among the roofing companies in Greensboro NC, we are preferred by more residents for repair and restoration of their roofs.

(Article Excerpt from High Winds Possible in Storms Today & Tonight,, June 11, 2014)