Beat the Heat with Energy-efficient Roofing Material for Your Home

Most developments in the modern world would not have been possible without the economic growth fueled by oil. Though the world is shifting towards using alternative energy sources, it is still our go-to energy source. However, our reliance on it has a downside. Everyone and everything is affected drastically by the fluctuating oil prices in the world market.

According to this article from, though oil prices shouldn’t have increased, the market is truly an unpredictable menace for motorists and homeowners alike:

“The world’s not swimming in crude or gasoline yet,” said Francisco Blanch, commodities strategist at Bank of America-Merrill Lynch, in an interview. “Despite all the crude and gasoline production in the U.S., international markets are not tagging along.”

International developments matter, analysts say, because gas prices are linked to internationally priced Brent crude. Turmoil in Ukraine and spotty supply from the perennially unstable Middle East has conspired to keep oil above $100 per barrel.

Let’s face it: fossil fuels are becoming more expensive every day because the world still relies on them most of all for energy, and this dependence isn’t about to end anytime soon. The best way you can keep your energy budget under control is through increasing the energy efficiency of your home by investing in cost-saving home improvements.

Your roof plays a crucial role in keeping your home comfortable and energy-efficient. A good one keeps your home insulated, lessening heat transfer. This means your air conditioning doesn’t have to work twice as hard in keeping your home cool during summer.

Roofing contractors in High Point like ABC Roofing are well aware of how expensive this can be so they offer “cool” roofing materials like metal that are easy to maintain. When installed by skilled craftsmen, superior quality roofing materials are all designed can definitely cut your electric bills substantially.

For your High Point roofing needs, ABC Roofing is always the cool choice. Beat the rising costs with an investment in a cool roof; call us for a free roof inspection today.

(Article Excerpt from Gas prices shouldn’t be high, but are: What gives?. May 18, 2014)