Tornados strike in months leading up to summer – be prepared!

Tornados are some of Mother Nature’s most deadly and destructive forces, and nowhere else on Earth are they more frequent than right here in the US. They cost an average of $1 billion in damage annually, big bucks that could be better spent elsewhere.

North Carolina is no stranger to tornados and the damage they can cause can be quite severe. Recently, one visited Charlotte in a report by

The tornado touched down at 6:46 a.m. near Arrowood Road about eight miles southwest of uptown. No injuries were reported.

Maximum winds were 85 mph, and the tornado lasted about 2/3 of a mile, NWS officials said.

The tornado was only about 30 yards wide, but it still downed more than a dozen trees and caused some damage to two industrial offices. A large awning was thrown or rolled near one of the offices.

If something like this passed through your neighborhood, would your home be able to take the force of the wind? Your home can be vulnerable if it is not properly maintained. Among the parts of your house, the roof takes the brunt of the elements: heat, rain, snow, UV light and hail are just some of the types of abuse it has to take on a regular basis. If it has sustained damage over the years, perhaps repairing or even replacing it entirely could be viable options to ensure your home’s overall safety and comfort.

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(Article Excerpt from Tornadoes confirmed in Charlotte, Durham. May 16, 2014)