3 Easy Ways to Create a Green Home

Due to growing concerns for the environment, the previous years have seen the rise of environmentally sound architectural concepts. From using recycled materials and biodegradable products, to developing sustainable home improvements and constructing green homes, all have become immensely popular. … [Read more...]

Residential Roofing Series: Top 14 Wood Roof Facts

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There are many roofing materials available today, but none exudes class like wood shingles and shakes. These have been around since the 19th century and are still a popular roofing choice today. In this Residential Roofing Series post, we offer these top 14 facts about wood roofing: … [Read more...]

Roofing Material Choices for Different Roof Types

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Different roofing materials work well with different roofing types. Whether you have a gable roof, hip roof, mansard, flat roof, or anything in between, we have the materials and experience to make your roof look fantastic. ABC Roofing, Inc. explains how to identify your roof type and suggests the materials ideal for your roof. … [Read more...]